An on-line series of workshops coming from Hollywood, CA to your living room!

Have you ever wondered what it would take to write a movie? Have you had an idea for a TV show or a short film, but didn’t know what to do with it? Have you written a script or two, but find yourself stuck and unsure of your next steps? It’s time to stop wondering and dreaming, and start writing! In six days, our team of talented, experienced and passionate instructors will provide you all the encouragement and practical information you will need to get your story on the page.

Catharsis is going on-line! By popular demand, we are bringing our signature in-depth and practical screenwriting seminars right to the comfort of your own digital device. These courses will give you the chance to encounter real Hollywood writers, producers and development executives, and make relationships with other aspiring storytellers. Via a state of the art video-conferencing system, you will be able to see instructors and Powerpoints, ask questions and see and hear your fellow writer-attendees.

No need to take any courses you don’t want or need! Purchase only the courses you want to take. If you want to take a particular course but cannot make the scheduled day/time, please let us know. We will try to schedule it for another time if there is enough interest. Email us at:

People in the Los Angeles area will be able to attend the courses in person at Azusa Pacific University if they wish.

Each 60-90 minute course is $50.00. For every four courses, you get another one free! (Add the 5 courses to the cart then use coupon “onefree”)


1) Finding Your Voice As a Storyteller – Writing your Credo and identifying you themes. Knowing when you are ready for your passion project. Finding projects that will challenge you but not break you.
Monday, July 31. 10:30am – 12pm

2) Breaking Your Story: Making Your Plot Work – Basic traditional plot structure. The essential five stages of a story. Understanding the chain of causation. Inter-weaving storylines and sub plots.
Monday, July 31. 1pm – 2:30pm

3) How to Create a Viable Screen Story Proposal – The difference between long and short form treatments, synopses, and log lines. Understanding all the elements of a good story idea.
Monday, July 31. 2:30pm – 4pm

4) Knowing Your Character – Creating multi-dimensional characters. Avoiding un-motivated choices. Finding a relatable struggle.
Tuesday, Aug 1. 10am – 12pm

5) Crafting a Part That an Actor Will Want to Play – What makes a part something that will attract talent? How to flesh out minor character roles to be appealing to actors.
Tuesday, Aug 1. 1pm – 2pm

6) Writing Visually – Seeing your movie in terms of its arena, dynamic character choices and poetic imagery.
Tuesday, Aug 1. 4pm – 5pm

8) Considering The Way, Way Back: An Exemplar Movie for Beginning Writers to Emulate – Starting out with a good, small budget, emotionally moving story. Why did so many big actors want to be part of this project?
Monday, July 31. 4pm – 6pm

9) The Nature of a Good Screen Pitch and Getting Feedback On Your Story Pitch – A two-part course that will cover the essentials of a good pitch followed by a course in which three Hollywood professionals will listen to your ideas for a movie or TV project and give you thoughtful, practical feedback. (This two-part course is $100.00.)
Thursday, Aug 3. 3:30pm – 5pm
Friday, Aug 4. 2pm – 5pm

11) A Beautiful Aristotelian Movie – A break down of the highlights of Aristotle’s Poetics for storytellers. What is the proper hierarchy of story elements? What are the four aspects that make a character relatable? What is beauty in a movie?
Schedule TBD

10) Understanding Theme and How it Unifies the Whole Story Project – What is the “Big Idea” of your project? What makes a theme good, bad, or great? The relationship of theme and structure.
Thursday, Aug 3. 9am – 10am

13) Haunting Moments: What Flannery O’Connor Understood About Storytelling – Beats vs. moments and how to construct powerful character moments in your story. A talk that integrates key ideas from O’Connor’s essays and speechs on writing.
Schedule TBD

15) Writing Dialogue That Works – Understanding the power of sub-text. How dialogue is better than real speech.
Tuesday, Aug 1. 2pm – 4pm

16) Adapting a Story to the Screen – What makes a book or a true story a good fit for the screen? How much does the adaptor owe to the source material? What kinds of choices does the adaptor have to make?
Wednesday, Aug 2. 4pm – 5pm

18) Beginning Well – Writing the First Ten Pages – Introducing characters, arenas, conflicts, and theme. Setting up your pay offs. Creating inciting incidents. Making the protagonist relatable. Everything you need to do to keep producers reading through the first act.
Tuesday, Aug 1. 9am – 10am

19) What Should a “Christian” Movie Really Be? – Understanding anti-Scripture, super-Scripture and literal Scripture. Identifying the key thematic sub-texts that make a movie Christian.
Friday, Aug 4. 1pm – 2pm

20) Nailing Your Genre – Understanding tone and how to preserve it. Working with multi-genre and cross genre material.
Thursday, Aug 3. 10am – 10:30am

22) Aesop and the Seven Essential Elements of Storytelling – Considering the nature of story and the component parts that make a story.
Monday, July 31. 9am – 10:30am

23) The Saving Power of Rewriting – Developing a strategy for rewrites and polishes. How to figure out what keep and what to lose.
Saturday, Aug 5. 10:30am – 11:30am



  • Barbara Nicolosi, PhD, author of Notes to Screenwriters, screenwriter and producer
  • Karen Hall, multi award winning TV writer with credits including, M*A*S*H*, Judging Amy, The Good Wife
  • John Burd, Esq., former Development Executive, Mar Vista Entertainment, producer, My Christmas Love, The Other Mother

Class size is limited!


$50 per class
You may purchase courses at any time. We will send out registration information closer to the event start.

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“Thank you so much for the Catharsis screenwriting conference! The course was exactly what I needed to make progress in my story. I am carrying on now with a far more organized notebook and a reignited passion for the craft.” ~ Leeza M., London, England

“The Catharsis screenwriting conference was a big commitment of time and money for me. However, at the end of the week it felt as if I got a bargain.” ~ George S., Alabama

“I can count on one hand the excellent teachers who have made a huge difference in my life. Now, I can count a few more. The team at Catharsis and their amazing screenwriting conference.” ~ Anne M., Texas



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